The most southern Horseback riding of the world.

There are many beautifull places all over the world…but there are just a few where you can still watch wild horses. We invite you to CAITA MAPU, where you can see the horses, resting and runnig through the big valleys, thin creeks, and large rivers born in the mountains of the Andes,being watch by the great Condor, from the top the mountains.

Itinerario día por día:
Día 1:

  • Arrive at Rio Grande Airport, Tierra del Fuego.
  • Welcome lunch at Puesto El República, at the Ande´s foot.
  • You will meet the horses and guides, through a short ride to a little fall near the puesto.
  • We´ll have a classic argentinian food, with a good wine for dinner.

Día 2:

  • After a good breakfast, we ´ll leave the puesto to the Cañadon Grande, (big canon) where in an amazing valley we´ll see condors overflying our heads.
  • Launch, will be beside a thin creek that starts in the valley; there we can watch it´s born place beside The Condorera (condor´s place), a nice place where the sight of the Fagnano (or Kami) Lake is wonderfull.
  • On our return to the puesto we´ll have the great Patagonic Lamb Asado (barbecue).

Día 3:

  • After a classic gaucho´s breakfast with mate, country coffee (including scrumbled eggs and well home made bread), we´ll seek to the Cascada Chica (little fall), and through it, get straight to it´s valley.
  • After a few minutes riding we´ll get to the Laguna Verde (green lake), placed in a hole made by two mountains.
  • Having launch at Laguna Verde, we ´ll be part of the guanaco´s family for a while, watching how they behave and live among the mountains.
  • Later, through the Cañadon Chico (small valley) our guide will take you, following the wild horses foot steps, to their resting valley.

Día 4:

  • Leaving early through the Vega del Puesto, going forward to the Piedra del Alcahuete (Gossip Stone), one of the best wiewing points of the Cordillera.
  • From there you will have the chance to watch the Cañadón de las Yeguas (Mare´s canon), and with a little luck will see the Yegua Tordilla´s .family. (group of wild horses, ruled by a white old mare).
  • After we´ll get to a Dique de Castores (beevers lake), where at the end of it´s valley there is an old corral for wild horses.
  • We´ll have a light meal, just to get in good shape on our return to the puesto.
  • Ending your nice trip wuth us we will have our Big farewell Asado!!

Día 5:

  • After saying goodbye to the guides and horses (you´ll get to miss them), we´ll leave to Ushuaia city.

El programa incluye:

  • Transfer Rio Grande Airport/ Puesto República/ Rio Grande Airport.
  • All meals.
  • Mount and required equipment.
  • Permanent assitance.